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Bliss Curator is an honest initiative with an intention to bring happiness in one’s life through practical means.

Bliss means happiness, great joy. The one who curates the bliss is the one who enjoys the life in its true sense.

My purpose is to make it a place for all the Happiness Development stuff. Here, I create contents to improve happiness in one’s life through Meditation, Mindfulness, and The Law of Attraction.

Now, let’s jump directly to the story behind the name Bliss Curator.

Being a crazy fan of the game of Cricket, I was always fascinated by the way the game depends on the behavior of the pitch. The person who takes care of the pitch is called the Pitch Curator.


Source: Cricket Pitch

If he prepares a better pitch, the game gets more entertaining. On the similar note, our life gets interesting when we take care of the bliss in our life. And from there only the name Bliss Curator got stuck in my mind.

The literal meaning of the phrase is The one who takes care of the bliss he has in his life.

Hope, each and every article published here brings a smile on your face and helps you to cope up with any difficult phase of your life.