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We are approaching the year 2018 and meditation is the best gift you can give to yourself on the occasion of the new year. To superfast your meditation journey; I am mentioning here 3 best and free meditation apps.

All of them are available for both iPhone and Android phone users.

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I have used all the 3 meditation apps extensively and the opinion here is strictly personal. You can try them and decide which one is best suitable for you.

Best Meditation Apps

Insight Timer

meditation apps-insight-timer-logoPersonal Experience

Though the name of the app has Timer in it, it’s a complete package for meditation. If you have the app, you don’t need another meditation app.

The app is in the most frequently used category of my mobile phone for more than a year now. I am a consistent meditator for years and the complete credit goes to the Insight Timer app.

I just love it and can’t stop praising it everywhere. Even I use the same app to teach meditation to some of my friends who are beginners and know nothing about it. Yes, I do pressurize them to install the app on their phone before proceeding my teaching.

In my experience, this is by far the best free meditation app available there. Even if you are not using any of the guided meditation available in the app, you would still become a fan of its timer.

The best thing is that all the services of the app are free. There is nothing like premium services available to the selected ones.

Prominent Features

  • More than 3 millions meditators are using the app.
  • Every day more than 50,000 hours of meditation is being logged in to the app.
  • 7195+ free guided meditation available there.
  • 1546+ meditation teachers with 25+ languages.
  • 2500 meditators are joining every day.

You can go to their website Insight Timer to get the list of latest features.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.


meditation apps-headspace-logo

Personal Experience

If you go to the popularity, then nothing can beat this app. When I was looking for a good meditation app, I found only one name at the top of every suggestion list.

I have used this app as well extensively. There are 2 categories of services in the app:

  • Free Service
  • Subscription

In the free service, you will get a package of 10 basic guided meditation of 10 minutes each to be used each for next 10 days. So, basically, it’s a 10-day mini meditation course. The good thing is that after 10 days you will have a complete course of 10 days for the lifetime.

If you are the one, who thinks that the meditation is boring, then Headspace would change your perception. I bet, you will start loving meditation once you are done with the basic course.

I haven’t seen meditation in such interesting and entertaining way anywhere. So, if you know nothing about the meditation and want to start by yourself then the basic course is something you should start with.

If you like the service then you can go for the subscription as well. Personally, I feel the subscription fee a bit higher side and won’t recommend to anyone unless he/she is a serious meditator.

Prominent Features(for free service)

  • 10 interesting video sessions
  • More than 5 millions downloads
  • Available only in English

You can go to their website Headspace to get the list of latest features.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone users


meditation apps-calm-logo

Personal Experience

I started my meditation journey by learning it through meditation teachers offline. Calm was the first time; I came across some digital means to enhance my meditation practice.

It has a website you can just go and start meditation on your laptop/mobile browser. You don’t need to even install an app for that.

In my office, my peers used to listen to music while working but somehow I discovered the amazing website of Calm. I used to put my earphones on to listen the Calm meditation whole day. The meditations music was very soothing.

I can proudly say that I was one of the early users of the amazing website. I loved it that time and the app version is also available now.

It is best recommended when you are busy with some work. You can just continue your work while listening to any of the meditation music. Even 10 minutes of the soothing sound would make you feel refresh. Believe me, you are just going to love it.

Though, this app is also not completely free like Headspace. You will have both the free and paid services available. But for the basic purpose free services would do the work.

Prominent Features(free services)

  • 7 Days of Calm session
  • Available in English only
  • If app is not compatible can be listened directly from Calm
  • Meditation can be downloaded and used offline
  • More than 1 million downloads

You can go to their website to get the list of latest features.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone users



Instructions to use the apps

  • Cut down all the possible distractions while doing meditation to make the best use of all the meditation apps and possibly put your phone on an airplane/do not disturb mode.
  • Use earphones


Meditation has no religion and the meditation used in the mentioned apps can be performed by anyone is any comfortable posture.


I know, there are other popular meditation apps like buddhify, smiling mind, Sattva, Stop Breath and Think and countless more are out there. But I have not used them personally yet and can’t make any opinion on them. I will be using the other meditation apps as well and will be updating the list with time.

If you are not in good mood right now and want to feel happy instantly then there is no need to wait until you get an expert in meditation. Quickly check out my 10 Ways To Be Happy In Next 10 Minutes.

If you are already using other meditation apps and want to share your insights then please do let me know in the comment section.

Note: The stats mentioned above are best of my knowledge at the time of writing the article.

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